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What makes SoapDishes' soap different than "grocery store" soap?
Our soap's main ingredient is vegetable glycerin. Glycerin is a natural humectant that draws moisture to the body, as well as provide a skin nourishing lather. 

Okay, what makes SoapDishes' soap different than other soap-by-the-slice companies? 
Easy. We are familiar with the larger companies and know where they buy their ingredients. So we simply buy better ingredients. Our soap base has fewer preservatives and a higher glycerin content. Our colors are all cosmetic grade. We spend 2-4 times more per ounce on our fragrances to assure that they are the best smelling and highest quality. 

Does you soap contain aloe, peanut oil, lanolin or any animal products? 
No. We are aware that many people do not want these ingredients in a personal care product. So we take personal care to make our soap without these ingredients. 

Can I use this like regular soap? 
Yes!. This was designed to be an every day shower and bath soap. It cleanses thoroughly yet gently and has an incredible lather. 

What are the inside pieces made of? 
All of the decorations in our soap are... soap! The inserts are simply soap that we have colored and hand shaped to create whimsical designs that make SoapDishes soap what they are. 

May I use this on my face? 
If you use regular commercial brand soaps that you can buy at the grocery store on your face, then you will have no problem with our soap. If you already use a specially formulated cleansing bar that you are pleased with, or if you have extremely sensitive skin, we recommend sticking what you know works for you. 

May I bathe my child with SoapDishes' soap? 
Many parents have thanked us for our Watermelon and Raspberry soaps. Apparently, they make bath time a little less of a struggle. We do not recommend using our soap on infants, however. Although we use the gentlest of ingredients, we are generous with our fragrances. In almost any case of skin irritation, it is the fragrance that is the cause. 

How long will a slice last? 
With everyday use, one slice will last one person three to four weeks. 

This smells so wonderful! How long will it last if I just keep it in a soap dish for decorative purposes? 
An unwrapped slice will release scent for several weeks. After that, the outer millimeter will lose it's scent. When it does start to fade, wash your hands with it a few times, or slice a thin layer off with a vegetable peeler. 

I am interested in selling your soap in my area, who do I contact? 
Click onto our "Wholesale" page and fill out the form. If you do not already have a retail storefront, in the "comments" section, tell us a little about yourself.


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